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  • 10 must-have automations for a lean and efficient network.

    Environments with clear operational strategies and structured frameworks inevitably experience a build-up of complexity in infrastructure and operations as businesses grow. To ensure steady and reliable growth, it is crucial to optimise the IT function, which serves as the backbone for supporting all business applications and...

  • Human Factor in the Railway Sector

    Human behaviour plays a central role in the safe and efficient operation of the railway, therefore a systematic approach must be taken to support human performance.

  • Stages of analytical maturity

    By investing in advanced analytical tools and methods, creating a culture of data-driven decision making, and continuously measuring and improving their analytical maturity, organizations can gain a competitive advantage and make better use of their resources.

  • Artificial Intelligence in 2023

    The evolution of Artificial Intelligence does not cease and this coming 2023 is loaded with digital novelties.

  • IT automation in 2022: new challenges and opportunities

    "Automation is the key to delivering results and accelerating the achievement of strategic business objectives". Find out more.

  • Low Code: Advantages and applications

    Low Code, a software development approach aimed at creating applications in a simple way through an intuitive graphical interface.

  • RAMS, Big Data and AI in the Energy Sector

    The application of specialised RAMS analysis in the energy sector increases the efficiency and reliability of projects.

  • Employee Experience (EX): concept and strategy

    Enhancing the Employee Experience is the key to success. It improves the brand-customer relationship and achieves the highest level of satisfaction.

  • BIM methodology for the construction of a logistics network

    Our infrastructure engineers have achieved excellent results in their design and supervision collaboration in this success story.

  • SOC: management and prevention of cyber-threats using AI

    Detecting and responding to cyber-attacks is a key part of running a successful security operations centre. Find out how artificial intelligence detects Ransomware.