Make efficient and accurate decisions thanks to the digital twin. You will be able to virtually represent your factory, your service or a physical product, achieving the best results.

Digital twin refers to the digital reproduction of possible and real physical assets (personal twin), operations, people, situations, systems and devices that can be utilized for various purposes. This digital creation offers both the components and the dynamics of how the Internet of things device controls and survives throughout its life cycle. Definitions of digital twin technology utilized in preceding research emphasize two crucial features.

In different business spheres, twins are being used to modify the process and maintenance of physical assets, systems and manufacturing procedures. They represent the formative application for the Industrial Internet of things, where personal objects can go and interact with different machines and people most.

At this setting of this Internet of matters, they exist likewise referred to as “digital avatars". As the accurate digital reproduction of things in this personal world, digital twins are made possible thanks to loT platforms. While this idea of the digital twin has been around since 2002, it was loT application that gave it affordable and accessible to many more businesses.

By making the digital twin, insights about how to change processes, increase efficiency or find the issue are all likely before it occurs to whatever it's duplicating in the real world. The lessons learnt from this digital twin will then be used to the new method with much less probability and a lot more return on investment.

EXCELTIC has a Technology Services Department, which is composed of engineers with vast expertise in software development, as well as a broad range of technical knowledge in big data and machine learning technologies.

Exceltic has signed an agreement with PTC in 2016, becoming a Vuforia® augmented reality Partner for Europe. With this alliance, Exceltic strengthens its position as a specialist in augmented reality and digital twin solutions, helping all clients in the process of transformation and innovation with augmented reality development services.


  • IOT Project’s management
  • Digital Twin, Digital Treat and Augmented reality solutions deployment
  • Configuration and content storage
  • Installation and deployment
  • Configuration and digital twin parameter
  • 3D Model development
  • Outsourcing services



10 years of experience in technology projects


Full end-to-end technological project life cycle coverage


Multi-disciplinary local team, with regional experience and global perspective


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