Electric mobility solutions are key to a cleaner, scalable and sustainable mobility transition within smart city energy initiatives.

The energy industry is moving through a transformation process of design and development. Renewables, loT and E-Mobility, among others, are dramatically altering the way we cope and move on a daily basis. The change comes along with new products and services, competition, important regulatory changes and the savvier and more difficult consumer. The Energy Sector had never experienced this challenge in more than one hundred years.
These E-mobility solutions provide higher efficiency in comparison to traditional energy services, at the cost of somewhat reduced performance.

Technological development takes these E-mobility solutions as the clean travel choice, as an alternative to fossil fuels for transportation. In the near future, next-generation automakers can be measured on five dimensions, , and not only in terms of the physical, safety and performance characteristics of their vehicles. safety and performance characteristics of their vehicles:

  • Energy Sourcess of energy
  • Autonomy
  • Connectivity
  • E-Mobility services
  • Data information capabilities

The energy industry is going through a process of design and development transformation. Renewable energy renewables, loT and E-Mobility, among others, are drastically altering the way we cope and move in our daily lives. and move around on a day-to-day basis. It is time for car manufacturers to enter the big data sector to imagine the overall manufacturing process. to imagine the overall manufacturing process as an ecosystem of data in and around the car, as a recreation of the automotive environment. as a recreation of the IoT event environment on the car, passengers and connected smart cities. connected smart cities. It will be possible to utilise the power of smart sensors and other technologies that are already available in our everyday lives, and we will be able to use them to control our electric or hybrid cars, which will be able to recharge in the hybrids, which will be able to recharge anywhere on the road. As a result:

  • Save money on fuel costs
  • Electricity when using our vehicles

EXCELTIC has an Industry & Energy Unit, which is composed of engineers with vast expertise in electro-mobility products and ADAS systems development, as well as a broad range of technical knowledge in systems, software architecture and functional safety.

Exceltic collaborates with OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), TIER 1 suppliers, research & development partners, universities and automotive technology centers for 10 years. Our human capital has extensive experience in AUTOSAR products development standar, familiar with Hardware Design, Software Development, System Engineering, as well as a great knowledge of the international regulations that apply.


  • Hardware Design & Prototyping
  • Hardware Test & Validation
  • Low Level Software Development
  • Software Unit, Integration & QualificationTesting
  • Mission critical testing
  • Automotive Spice and MISRA Quality & Product Level Assurance
  • Software modules development
  • System Test & Product Validation
  • Functional Safety
  • System Engineering & Validation
  • System & Software Requirements
  • Software development for cameras, ECUS and Vision Systems
  • Software Architecture Definition
  • Power electronics engineering
  • Functional product definition according to development process
  • Coordination with OEM and suppliers to ensure requirements traceability



10 years of experience in automotive projects


Full end-to-end Engineering & Construction technical assistance hardware, software, systems and quality end-to-end

Multidisciplinary team

Multi-disciplinary local team, with regional experience and global perspective


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