Without proper management, population growth and urban development can increase the risk of rainfall and river pollution.

Water is already a very scarce resource and simultaneously as water is consumed and polluted on a large scale there are even one seventh of the earth's population without access to a safe water supply. There are important issues with the earth's food and the systems we have designed to manage and like food are profoundly scarce. National water usage accounts for 8 percent, industrial usage for 22 percent and agricultural usage for a staggering 70% of world freshwater usage. Proper innovation will result in significant improvements in all these fields.

Within the complete water cycle, the following areas can be mentioned, together with their application:

Flood and Drought Management:

River flood forecasting, drought management, engineering operations, flood risk map, regulation, assessment

Water Resources Management:

Resource information services, emergency management and protocols definition, regulatory compliance, remote sensing data, law enforcement inspection.


The study of water's presence, distribution, flow, and attributes above or beneath the earth surface.

Soil and Water Conservation:

Investigation and planning of operations involving soil, water, and other natural resources, such as grazing land, wetlands, and wildlife habitat and monitoring water’s data management system.

Water is desalinated to make food suited for human consumption or supply. Most of the contemporary involvement in desalination is concentrated on cost-effective supply of freshwater for human purpose. Together with recycled waste, it is one of those few rainfall-independent food sources.

EXCELTIC has an infrastructures Unit, which is composed of engineers with vast expertise in Engineering & Construction services, as well as a broad range of technical knowledge in Electric, Mechanical, Pipelines and Civil engineering services.

Our human capital has extensive experience in large-scale engineering projects, familiar with the main Design, Calculation and project management tools, as well as a great knowledge of the international regulations that apply in the different sectors and of the procedures that applied in the different phases of Engineering, Purchase, Procurement and Construction.

Exceltic offers its clients specialized services in the different disciplines of knowledge that have a place in a project, collaborating through outsourcing of services or technical assistance.

Exceltic has been working with promoters, construction and engineering companies for 16 years, providing the following services:

  • Basic engineering
  • Detailed engineering
  • Construction supervision
  • Quality supervision
  • Construction management
  • Start up


Exceltic collaborates closely on Engineering projects, guaranteeing experience in the different disciplines involved in the development of a project that allows the client to undertake the project on time and with the required quality, prioritizing cost efficiency.

  • Design / Modeling of sanitation and supply networks
  • Support in drafting water treatment plant projects: desalination plants, water treatment plants, sewage treatment plants
  • Planning and supervision in the project phase and construction of supply works
  • Water collection system for cooling circuits of generation plants
  • Structures and underground networks for plants
  • Structural characterization studies, stability and improvement of the safety conditions of the hydraulic works



16 years of experience in Engineering & Construction projects


Full end-to-end Engineering & Construction technical assistance coverage


Local multidisciplinary team, with regional experience and global perspective


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