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Learn more about our history and the values that have sustained, consolidated and accompanied us until today.

As an engineering and consultancy company, Exceltic accelerates product and service innovation in mobility and smart infrastructure, Industry 4.0, energy transition and digital transformation, facilitating our clients' adoption of new technologies.

Our track record supports our work, and our end-to-end business model makes our offering reliable and innovative. From operations to strategy, Exceltic supports flexibility, increases performance and accelerates innovation, becoming a key partner for more than 100 clients.










About us...



Exceltic is an engineering technology, and we believe that engineering has transformed the world. It is a better place every day, and this is partly due to technical advances, curing illnesses, improving transport, communication between individuals, and so on.

Exceltic was created with the idea of providing excellent engineering services. Excellent means helping its clients with a long-term vision, based on transparency and flexibility. Exceltic aims to support its clients in providing valuable solutions using technology.


To offer engineering services, in a controlled, responsible and profitable company. Leaders in the integration of diversified engineering and digitisation services.

Processes enable internal order. With good processes, relevant data is generated and with relevant data, clear objectives can be defined. All this makes it possible to have a company under control, and a company under control is a profitable and stress-free company for employees and customers.

In a company under control employees are clear about their objectives, know how they are measured and know what is expected of them.

A company under control undertakes only those projects that it is capable of delivering based on its expertise, timescales or budget. In addition, Exceltic strives to make each and every one of its projects cost-effective.

If a company meets all these characteristics, it will deliver quality services to its customers and give them peace of mind as it will take on the commitments it can assume and endure over time as a permanent and stable partner.


Customer-centric leadership

Exceltic believes that our direct decision makers are not internal, but are our customers. Likewise, our managers and directors must have the same dedication to service to their teams and must engage effectively, providing resources to enable their teams to meet their objectives and ultimately benefit the client.

Open doors

All our employees have an obligation to listen to their colleagues regardless of their position. At Exceltic we do not believe in rank and power but in leadership, commitment, collaboration and listening.


Proactivity encompasses all those activities that are not urgent but are important and underpin tomorrow's competitiveness. Excellence is centred on proactivity and this on obsessive improvement, understanding that quality is a race without a finish line. Proactivity encompasses all those improvements that, without being essential in the short term, will at some point be essential for the continuity of the company.

Acceptance of change

"It has always been done this way" is not a reason not to change. In nature, it is not the strongest that survive, but the best adapted. We must accept change and adapt the organisation to reality, avoiding dogmatism, in the shortest possible time.


Organisations make a large number of decisions on a daily basis that cannot be centralised. Exceltic values people who take responsibility for the company's challenges as their own and are able to make decisions that benefit the company.

Personal leadership

Leadership is the dreaming of a better world coupled with the determination to change it. Every person who is able to imagine change and bring it about is a leader.


Exceltic values those people who have the loyalty to fight long enough to see the fruits of their labour. Exceltic aims to provide a fair organisation and values those people who are able to commit themselves through the various cycles that inevitably occur in organisations with a long-term vision.


Employees who are committed to Exceltic's values of excellence, commitment and loyalty should be rewarded and placed in the most senior positions in the organisation. Exceltic will always opt for internal promotion in the first instance.


Formal and informal channels of communication foster a good atmosphere and creativity. We should ask for open-minded opinions of our work in order to gain perspective from different angles. Additionally, if we consider that there is information that may be important for our colleagues, we should try to get it to them in the most effective way possible, as it will surely motivate them.

Personal training

Exceltic believes that the greatest asset a person has is their knowledge and will value those who share this vision and invest in themselves. Training should not be understood as a passive act of digesting structured information, but often comes from the boldness and perseverance to face challenges.


Exceltic believes that risk often arises from a poor analysis of situations. In the vast majority of cases the risk is mitigated with a thorough analysis. We must be respectful of the future of the company by doing a good job so that the company remains healthy over time and not put the company at risk unnecessarily.


There are no hierarchies or personal conditions for good ideas.


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