A robust communications backbone will be required for the widespread adoption of data infrastructure-enabled services to enable information exchange and rapid communication.

Urban analytics is a very fascinating approach to combine the analysis, interpretation and representation of all analytics tools that makes sense in order to explain how the big urban cities are structured.

Smart cities create big volumes of information from equipment, systems and people connected, but only a portion of the information is really used to obtain insights on urban analytics, such as demographics and urban phenomena. Recent advancements in information analytics and machine learning technology have enabled Exceltic to provide urban-monitoring information for predictive analytics, rather than take the conventional time-based analytics approach.

This sophisticated analytics method simplifies complex information and shows it in a way that is simple to see for governments and companies, so as to enable them to optimize programs from the insights available. In the aftermath of disruptions, these Urban Analytics tools will automatically execute a renewed program to prevent shortages in cities targets and remove needless downtime.

EXCELTIC has a Technology Services Department, which is composed of engineers with vast expertise in IOT projects, as well as a broad range of technical knowledge in software development and big data initiatives.

Exceltic has signed an agreement with PTC in 2016, becoming a ThingWorx® IoT Partner for Europe. With this alliance, Exceltic strengthens its position as a specialist in IOT platforms, helping all clients in the process of transformation and innovation with IOT & software development services.


  • IOT platform deployment
  • IOT Project’s management
  • OPC-UA Server communication
  • IOT communication enablement (HiveMQ, Mosquito, MQTT, etc)
  • Database configuration
  • Data architecture
  • Software architecture
  • Software development
  • CLOUD/EDGE Computing
  • On-Premise deployment
  • IOT Cybersecurity
  • IOT Mission Critical Testing
  • Big data project’s management
  • Advanced statistics applied to decision making
  • Data analytics and Data mining
  • ETL solutions
  • Outsourcing services
  • Normalization and data standardization



10 years of experience in technological projects


Full end-to-end technological engineering projects life cycle coverage


Multi-disciplinary local team, with regional experience and global perspective


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