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The superstructure in railway projects is responsible for absorbing vertical and horizontal pressures caused by the traffic load and transmitting them to the subsurface. The spread of forces across greater regions leads to a load distribution that minimizes overloading and overstressing of particular superstructure components while also ensuring that the surface pressure on the subgrade is as low and uniform as feasible.

The following are the most frequent elements found in a railway superstructure:

Rails or lanes:

Because they were initially formed of iron, they are responsible for giving this mode of transportation its name. Since its inception, many types of rails have been utilized to better its mission of directing the train's wheels. They are currently manufactured of steel.


Transverse components that connect the rails while maintaining their width without distortion.


Is a layer of stones strewn over the road. Its function is to cushion the train's passage while also minimizing terrain deformations caused by weather.


Are mechanisms built at the end of the track to stop a train if it is unable to stop on its own due to a problem.


Also known as needle changes, are devices that allow trains to change tracks by directing the flanges of their wheels.

Railway signaling:

Is a collection of equipment that communicates a succession of indicators, instructions, and commands from the track to train drivers. Signals that were abandoned.


Is a type of cable that is put on most railway lines to transport electrical energy via an aerial cable.

EXCELTIC has an infrastructures Unit, which is composed of engineers with vast expertise in Engineering & Construction services, as well as a broad range of technical knowledge in Electric, Mechanical, Pipelines and Civil engineering services.

Our human capital has extensive experience in large-scale engineering projects, familiar with the main Design, Calculation and project management tools, as well as a great knowledge of the international regulations that apply in the different sectors and of the procedures that applied in the different phases of Engineering, Purchase, Procurement and Construction.

Exceltic offers its clients specialized services in the different disciplines of knowledge that have a place in a project, collaborating through outsourcing of services or technical assistance.

Exceltic has been working with promoters, construction and engineering companies for 16 years, providing the following services:

  • Basic engineering
  • Detailed engineering
  • Construction supervision
  • Quality supervision
  • Construction management
  • Start up


Exceltic collaborates closely on Engineering projects, guaranteeing experience in the different disciplines involved in the development of a project that allows the client to undertake the project on time and with the required quality, prioritizing cost efficiency.

  • Project engineering
  • Basic and detail electrical engineering
  • Preparation of electrical plans
  • In projects of: catenary, traction substations and auxiliary installations



16 years of experience in Engineering & Construction projects


Full end-to-end Engineering & Construction technical assistance coverage


Multi-disciplinary local team, with regional experience and global perspective


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